I AM a Proud Canadian!

Thanks dear friends for your help with daily congratulations

                 Thanks a bunch for all your support! 

Welcome Dearest Friends....  Your Congratulations are ALWAYS  Welcomed and Appreciated!!

I return as many Congratulations as I see, I am always aiming for top 100 in the Popularity Ranking, and I have been very successful in this endeavor thanks to all of you! 

Remember.... Your Actions speak louder than Words.

Don't underestimate me.
I know more than I say,
think more than I speak,
and, notice more than you realize.

Please defrost my Frost he is in my Divines tab.
Don't forget to Congratulate my Topaz as well, he's also in my Divines tab.

5I will buy any unwanted horses from you for 500 e (low skills ) to 5,500 e (High skills)
Just place in reserved sales and let me know. I will buy as soon as I see it.
They will have a forever home. Thanks

I'm still looking for a Ladybug and a Bee companion pet to complete my Trophies.
If you are quitting the game, and have one that you could sell me,  please contact me. 
Thank you

It's just a game....  Please Have fun!