Due to real life, I only log onto the game a couple of times a day.  Please be patient when waiting for a response from me!  If I offer to buy a horse, it is a sincere offer, I just might not get back to you within a couple of hours.  Thanks!

Yes, yes, i am a HOG collector.  Have you got any for sale?

Actively seeking a bee and a ladybug!  please let me know if you have either for sale, or know of any!  Will pay passes and/or e.

I will buy any horse for 500-900e - you can put them in a reserved sale for me, and drop me a PM to know they're there - I don't check the reserved sales unless I'm expecting something!

Any of my horses could be for sale - feel free to make a reasonable offer if you see something you like. 

I'm looking for horses with any dragon or ghost companions as well as a bee, ladybug, and camel.

Still need for trophies: