"Lusitano Campeones translates to Lusitano Champions". Currently recruiting, please CLICK HERE for an application! 

I am also a member of the #1 Argentinean Criollo team Integrity & High Morals! Visit the team page for recruitment information.

SKILLER GELDINGS please contact team admins for orders or check direct sales!
 Bred with tears and aged to 1 year 6 months
 Available in direct sales or by order 


 I still have my first horse and will never sell him.vsc6bq.gif  Paste this on your page if you do too (l).png?2094481059

My main focus is my teams, and I'm a proud member and leader of the Lusitano team Lusitano Campeones. I'm also a proud member of the #1 Argentinian Criollo team Integrity & High Morals. If you are interested in buying a high GP skiller gelding please message me. For Criollo skiller geldings please contact an Admin or check direct sales for our team's sales offerings. Please note all of these teams only sell high gp skiller geldings and will not sell above sales release GP mares or stallions. We also do not offer above sale release coverings from our stallions. 

My other interest is breeding unicorns. I have many different breeds of unicorns that I mostly breed for fun. I frequently list unicorn foals for sale, as well as pass age pregnant mares. I also have a Chincoteague Pony Unicorn breeding team, called Fantasy Island Ponies. Unicorn Chincoteague ponies are available for sale and will be listed in direct sales. If you're looking for a particular color or gender that you don't already see listed for sale, please message me. 

I also have many unicorn Studs of different breeds, all with high gp's. Coverings are available, message me with your unicorn mare's name and breed and I'll reserve for you. 

Please Note:  Many of my unicorns are for sale, particularly foals and pass age pregnant mares. They'll be listed in direct sales at reasonable market value prices. If you are looking for something in particular, I can reserve a unicorn foal(s) and/or pregnant mare(s) for you. 


I'm always happy to accept friend requests to exchange tickets for the lottery!