Blupped my 2020 GP mare, Maya on 4/8/2013
First Divine achieved in an event on 5/18/2013
Taming my first wild horse completed on 3/19/2013
Completed my collection of all coat colors on 7/25/2013
First under 100 wild tamed (#64) on 8/2/2013

Collect 100 GA coats []
Collect 50 retired coats [x]

GA Coats

My main "goal" on the site is to collect GA coats. This includes only those coats that interest me, so I will not be collecting every GA coat out there, but I do hope for my collection to grow quite large, as there are always new releases I want and I have yet to catch up with everything already out there!
None of my GA coats are for sale. I collect GA coats as a major part of my game play, so it would not make sense for me to sell any of them.


Just a small note, the images I have used for my page are drawn by others for me. Please do not use them in any way, they belong to me and it would be theft to take them. I love them dearly and am merely putting them up to show some of myself.