**Please read the rules and regulataions of (Howrse) the game before asking and/or offering things to anyone. Harassment and/or bullying will be reported immediately.**


My Account/Profile name is Sasori with a special text §. It is not Asori it is §asori. It is from a character on the TV show Naruto Shippuden.

Before messaging me for any reason:
I do not read messages, send messages (unless it was a mistake of somesort), unless it comes from the game itselfs (updates, new promos, etc). I do, however, accept all friends request.

DO NOT message me asking for one of my horses/items for any reason. Most of the horses I have are bred by me and I like to try and keep it that way. Once I own a horse (in game) it is final as I will not waste time and effort looking to give it back to you.

Asking for help about the game:
Please look at the Help page/ Forums for information about what you are looking for. Most people who have asked me for help end up trying to get something from me. I will no longer answer any questions nor do I have the time to answer them when you have access to read many game related help pages.

About my game:
Everything I have I've worked hard for. I do not tolerate cheated and/or begging/asking for the things I have.

The horses I breed are mostly prebred unless I have an experiment on how many different breeds my horses can be mixed with at once etc. My goal is to have 6,000+ horses like I did when I had another account years ago.

I have no main focus when it comes to playing nor do I spend all day playing the game. I'm online for about one (1) to two (2) hours a day roughly. I do take long breaks anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks. My health is something that I have been struggling with and most days I'm too weak to play (Howrse) this game. I do own an off the track Thoroughbred (OTTB) who is 6 years old in real life. All pictures of her are personal due to people stealing my pictures on my page and claiming to be their own. Aside from any other personal information, I will not be disclosing it at all.