Hello, welcome to my page. :) I have a TON of Friesans that are available for buying if anyone wants them, both male and female from newborn to up to about two years old. If you want one just pm me to settle a price. I also have a few Friesan unis both male and female and a large amounts of BMI's. If you want something, there is a very good chance that I have it, and I never really use BMI's on my horses, so with only a few exeptions they will be available for selling.
I now am selling everything not in a labeled box (i.e. all my "other horses"), and they are in the direct sales. If you are interested you can PM me to haggle price (but mainly I think they're good as they are) or to ask about my other horses. I am not totally against selling any horse (except for my starter, Jessia, in Sentimental), so if offered a good enough price I will sell most (but not all) of them. I prefer to be payed in passes, but equus is all right too