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My friends!! I'm always sending tickets to all my friends and helping with other promo and hoping to get tickets and help also from you!! 

My Xantos link https://www.howrse.com/elevage/fiche/?id=45143050

I decide that is not the time to looking for breeding group of Gypsy Vanner's, Lusitano, KWPN and maybe for some of Unicorn's breed breeding group's also but first really I wish to continue to improve my KWPN! Please if you are in GV or Lusitano or KWPN group with TOP GP then please allow me to participate your group also!! I'm still looking to participate team's especially unicorn team and KWPN breed horse team!!! :).png?242583136 (a).png?1947483986
Before came here I was playing Howrse on my country server but since they closed this server I'm here! Sadly they did not transfer any of my sweet horses and divines which I'm missing a loot! :'(.png?1009036530:'(.png?1009036530

PitaPata - Personal picturePitaPata Horse tickers

With wrong move I lost all my old presentation and this means I will need make new one :'(.png?1009036530 Hope I can recover some pics and application which I used and liked in the old version! :(.png?1009036530


My Legendary horses figurines you can see in my forum! 
Thank you for reading! (a)_v1828806360.png