Hello Everyone!

Please do not steal my Avatar! He was my rabbit who I miss dearly! His name was Butterscotch. He was my best boy.
Hello my wonderful friends! I'd just like to say thank you for those of you who have congratulated me! I'm really doing my best to get every congratulations returned!  
If anyone has a P.Stone, M-Arm or Aging points they wouldn't miss I'm always looking for those!
Also dear friends thank you for the gifts you've been sending me! I truly do appreciate it!

A little bit about me! I'm a former player (Say Hi 1) I left the game nearly three years ago due to a lack of time for the game. My mom (Founder of this account.) She handed everything over to me because she didn't have time for it. So I guess I'm back after a long time of being gone.  I am an adult player, I'm married, in college about to start my dream career in Law Enforcement. My husband and I own a Robo hamster named Bear, who's a little crazy and like the taste of my blood. (She's evil.) 

I will try to return all Congratulations! 
Feel Free to add me!