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WARNING: I AM A CHRISTIAN (This is fair warning so don't get salty over anything on my page)

- Second note: I am an A.R.M.Y. I do not stan EXO, but I think the Fandom wars are stupid. I like EXO as people and I respect them. So, if you are an Exo-L that is looking for ARMY blood take it somewhere else. I will not argue with you, or support you. Thank you and have an amazing day!

Anyway, welcome!

HI everyone! Few things about me! First off, my name is Hannah, my nickname is Seo Miyoung. I'm a rather crazy, and funny teen girl that likes to fangirl, rant and rave XD I am a Christian, please take this into note before messaging me =D Thanks! -  FIRST THINGS FIRST AS FAR AS FANDOMS IM IN - BTS AMRY!! If you are an ARMY I would love for you to message me! I do Stan and my Bias is Kookie. If you love BTS than you know what a rollercoaster being a part of the ARMY is, so if you do message me, expect to laugh, smile, cry, and probably most of all gush over Bangtan. I love them to death, and am one of those persistent and protective ARMYs. - SECOND I am also part of the Phandom. Dan and Phil (along with my amazing and supportive online family) have helped  me through a lot of emotional hurt and have formed my personality. Yes, Dan is my tall meme and Phil is my adorable Smol Bean. Phil is 26 years old, if you want to argue about that I'm up for the challenge but I'm not backing down XD Also, I do not ship Phan. And that's that :) - (if you've read this far, I am very proud of you) As most of you can see, I'm also into Tintin, Studio C, Sherlock, Hugo, Marvel and DC!! With marvel I love Iron Man, Thor and Captain America. I know that may seem almost paradoxical, it's not. My favorite is Iron Man because I go for nerds and guys with a sense of humor and a quick come back. As for DC - that would be the Flash, Green Arrow, Firestorm and Arsenal. - I've also recently realized that Dan & Phil is life... Although I don't like Dan's cussing, Phil is just too cute to resist. So yeah XD  I also LOVE clean or mostly clean Animes - I haven't found very many, so if you have any suggestions PLEASE message me! My favorites so far are SAO and Snow White With The Red Hair - I know that this is a long title, but if you know Anime you know to expect it XD
PRAYER REQUESTS All prayer warriors! Please pray for my friend Aaron, he is going through a lot of things right now and needs as much support as possible.

My Order Of Importance:

God - My Lord Jesus Christ

Friends & Family


Everything else

18 || Hannah/Seo Miyoung/Tink/Cookie || 5'3" || Happily Taken (I am also know for

completely fangirling over Kookie)|| Strong Christian ||

Artist || Writer || Music - Christian Rap/Rock/Pop/Worship, K

POP - BTS, Got7, Wanna One, Golden Child, & MXM - Shawn

Mendes, Spencer Kane, Why Don't We, 60's

ᵠᵘᵒᵗᵉ ᵒᶠ ᵗʰᵉ ᵈᵃʸ⁻
ᵞᵒᵘ ᶠᵃˡˡ ᶤᶰ ˡᵒᵛᵉ ʷᶤᵗʰ ᵗʰᵉ ᵐᵒˢᵗ ᵘᶰᵉˣᵖᵉᶜᵗᵉᵈ ᵖᵉʳˢᵒᶰ ᵃᵗ ᵗʰᵉ ᵐᵒˢᵗ ᵘᶰᵉˣᵖᵉᶜᵗᵉᵈ ᵗᶤᵐᵉˑ

(Donna) "Life isn't 'normal' anymore. How do I coupe?"

(Connie) "Just what you already know to do. Trust God."

To the Amazing people on my friends list:

You guys are truly amazing, and you've been the best friends

I've ever had, needed or that anyone could ask for. You've put

up with my crushed heart multiple times, and if for some

reason you were the cause of it, we always figured it out and

forgave. I know that if something ever happened to me, my

family or Maddy, you would do whatever it took to fix it.

Whenever I have a prayer request I know that it will be

attended to. You have been the God sent support and

encouragement that I prayed for, and I just wanted to thank

you for that. 

"I wonder to this day as to why the question 'Do you believe in true
love?' even exists. what is there to believe in? It's not a belief. It's a
- // Blazing Fire //

  Warning!: Yes I AM a Christian... No you cannot report me. Being a
Christian & stating this fact is part of who I am, just like telling some
one my favorite TV show or animal... It's a part of me. Please
remember this before talking to me!! Thank you! =D

God has no cell phone, but he is my favorite contact...

He doesn't have a Facebook, but he is my best friend...

He doesn't have a Twitter, but I still follow him...

He has no internet, but we stay connected!

If God has been amazing in your life, post this to your page... I am not

ashamed at all

When Jesus was hanging on the cross he was thinking of you! Whether
 you believe or not, God is ALWAYS with you. Did you know that 98% of
teenagers will not stand up for God, and 93% of the people that read
this won’t put this on their page! If you are one of the 7% who will
stand up for Him, please put this on your page! God loves you so
much. He will never leave you nor forsake you

Favorite Bands: Rapture Ruckus - Lz7- Royal Tailor - CAPITAL

KINGS - Tobymac - Newsboys - Family Force 5 - Jamie Grace - For

King & Country - Lauren Daigle - Hilary Scott




GOT7/IGot7 - Wanna One/WANNABLE

Image result for BTS

Yes... These dorky, chaotic, lovable boys are the majority of
my life, and if you message me I will gladly introduce you to them :D
We are ARMY, yes we are extra like our boys, but we're still
part of this world ;)

ANYWAY WELCOME TO MY REALM after you read this you to
will be under the control of BTS

Let me tell you a bit about each of these insane people
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"Ya'll know that I'm R-A-P Monster not D-A-N-C-E Monster."

Namjoon/Rm/Rap Mon/God Of Accidental Destruction

24 || Position : Leader, Head Rapper, & Lyricist

This... Is BTS & ARMY's leader. Namjoon is a good

leader, but he sometimes doesn't understand his own

strength. This young man has broken more things than I

can count - from music video props to his own wrist. Anyway,

RM is an actual genius with an IQ of 148. Not only is he smart,

but he also has cute dimples & deadly rapping skills. Lastly,

he loves ARMY to death & would do anything for us.

Image result for BTS Jin gif

"What color is hamburger? BURGUNDY!" *Windshield

wiper laugh*

Jin/Mr. World Wide Handsome

25 || Position : Head of Visuals & Vocalist

This charmer is Jin, he is the oldest and also the wanna-be

 maknae (youngest) even though he is basically the mom of

 the group. He is a kind hearted gentleman that is open to

making new friends & has an amazing voice. Jin loves to make

dad jokes which are usually accompanied with his addictive

laugh. Some of his favorite things are eating, llamas & the

colors pink & Blue.

Image result for BTS jhope gif

"I am your angel, I am your Hope, I am your J-Hope!"

Hobi/J-Hope - Literal Sunshine

24 || Position : Leader of the dance line & Rapper

J-Hope is... well his name pretty much says it!

This bright human being cheers up everyone he

meets! Hobi is the king of aegyo (Being overly cute)

and is a dance machine & choreographer. I LOVE THIS

MAN HE HAS HELPED ME SO MUCH .. ok I'm done...

You'll love him too <3 If you need a dose of happiness

watch this boi be himself for 5 minutes.

Image result for bts suga gif

"I want to be born as a rock in the next life."


24 || Position : Rapper & Lyricist

Suga is the straight man of the group & he's usually sleepy.

He is know for his random outbursts of aegyo, hyperness, &

sweetness. Yoongi tries to keep up a cold front, even with the

other members, but sometimes he lets you see just how

soft he actually is. When you first get to know him you think

he's a laid back fluffy marshmellow. Which he is... until the

lyrics start flowing from his lips. This man is dangerous with

the mic (11.5 syllables per sec). But he is also completely SWAG - and... Savage.

"EXCUSE MEEE" :D "Oh! You pretty!"

Jimin/Chim Chim/Mochi

23 || Lead Vocalist & Dance Line (Best friends with Tae,

trust me this is a full time job)

ARMY... You all know that we must protect this precious

mochi. The cutest thing is when this boy gets embarrassed.

Jimin is precious & gentle; but he's also of the maknae line, so

that means he sometimes instigates the trouble.

Chim Chim is the romantic out of the group, he is always

sending sweet & encouraging messages to us. This member

of BTS is basically the sweet baby of the family.

"My mental age? Three" *Holds up three fingers*

Taehyung/V/Tae (Tae)

22 || Potision : Lead Vocalist & Visuals (Jimin's best friend)

V is noted to get into more trouble than even the youngest!

He is a prankster & he's completely random. Don't ask me

to explain him because it's impossible, nothing he does

makes any sense. XD But you just love this guy. Tae's always

in for time with kids & innocent fun. His smile lights up the

room. V is a living, walking meme and he is completely ok

with that.

"Whoa... Is that a real camel?!"

Jungkook/Jungkookie/Kookie/Golden Maknae/Bunny/Kokonut

Also, my bias. Please do not touch :3

21 || Position : Lead Vocals, Dance, & Rap - Maknae

Kookie is a complete troll. And a question many ask IS

HE EVEN THE MAKNAE?! *cough* anyway, this boy is

a complete dork. He's is the typical "Evil Maknae" but

he isn't always villainous, some of the songs he has wrote for

the members of BTS and ARMY have brought tears to

our eyes. This crazy kid is special. He is talented at anything

he puts his hands too, and even tho he picks on his Hyungs

(Older members of BTS) he loves and respects them.

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The Maknae (Youngest) line - Jimin, V/Tae, & (The youngest)
Kookie (My boyfriend)

My Favorite Christian Songs

Skillet - Stars
Hilary Scott - Thy Will
Hillsong - Secret Place

Capital Kings - Never Be Alone
Britt Nicole - Gold, Ready Or Not
TobyMac - Hold On, Speak Life, Feel it

Jamie Grace - Happy Song, Just a Friend, White Boots,
Fighter, Party Like a Princess, Beautiful Day, Hold Me,
 (Basically all of her songs)

My Favorite K-Pop Songs

BTS/Bangtan Boys - Dope, Save Me, Serendipity Not Today,

I Need U, Bulletproof Pt. 2, Spring Day, Butterfly, 4 O'clock,

Baepsae, Fire, Boy in Luv, Mic Drop (The choreography for

this, GO GO, & DNA is amazing), Danger, No More Dream, ect.

(Lets Just say all of BTS' songs 9.9 )

Wanna One - Energetic, Always (YES I LOVE THIS SONG IT


Got7 - Just Right, Hard Carry, Never Ever, Fly

A Complete Romantic: <3  Je T'aime

I Have Taken 3 Years in Self Taught French


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