Hello World!!! My name is Melise which means Honey-Bee. (Float like a Butterfly .. STING like a BEE!!) lol....I come from Sunny South Africa. I am a Reborn Artist.  I have Blue Eyes, Dark hair and Tattoo's..(Yes they are addictive!!)(And some piercings).. My Birthday is in Feb - i am a Pisces - typical - a real pushover, those two fish swimming in opposite directions... thats ME!! i am all over the place ALL of the time!! And  a hopeless romantic! My most favorite animal is a BAT and my favorite insect has to be a Praying Mantis! (they remind me of aliens) (Although i love Butterflies, as they have a special meaning to me!) Also have a thing for snails.. such adorable little mouths they have!! Man just TOO cute!! aaahaaa a little snailypooh!!!! I have loads of pets - CRAZY .. lets start with 3 Dogs, 11 Cats, (names?? ChickenBoy, WhiteKnee, Mamakapisa, MilkyBar, Coconut aka Cocobean, LongBlackDingus, JFK (Jack Frost Kitty) and KittyPoohPooh..)oh wait.. forgot BottleBrush, Alien and Pompeii..(Guess u could say i have a cat FETISH).855f2acb12410ea8c7951e834f5ff498.png?1828806360 there are also 7 Tarantula's (Fluffy and cute) 2 Bearded Dragons, a Ball Python (SnakeyPooh) a crab, a Giant Africa Land Snail, 13 rats, a Russian dwarf Hamster and ...(Thinking....) oh yes.. An African Gray parrot, A Green Ringneck Parrot (Who i swear is possessed!!) 2 Budgies and 2 Crested Canaries with Justin Bieber Hairstyles - (i kid not!!). And Fish..You know those GoldFish that look like tennis balls with fins..lol x We used to have a MeerKat named Mungo Jerry - he was just the cutest thing.. they are amazing!! i am SO scared of "ParkTown Prawns".. they are the scariest insects around i swear!! Hear me scram like a girl when one crosses my path!! i swear the pictures do NOT do them justice! They grow to the size of a mouse and have this "Horn" thing by their butt's.. Noooo...just WRONG!!! Thank You Howling Zebra for my amazing LayOut. You are so talented in so many ways!! I just love you too bits!! I am a pretty easy person, i try to help where i can..If i can... So just give me a shout if you need any help with anything.. whether it be HOWRSE related or personal - I'll give the best advice i can..I love playing Half Life! Although i must say i am a HUGE baby and end up hiding most of the time, since i get killed ALOT!! I also love to play Jade Dynesty. And jade Monkey. I am a reborn Artist and i love what i do.. I hope it shows in my work!  I love watching TV series - My fav has to be The Walking Dead - i especially love the theme music.. its so creepy .. i want it as my ringtone!! i also like The Vampire Diaries, The Black List, The Following, The 100 and Super Natural!!! Grimm...Bones.. Music...I have no one band or preference that i like.. i listen to whatever is good, i think i go by the lyrics and what they mean to me.. so at the moment i would say One Republic and Counting Stars, Adele and Rolling in the Deep..Adam lambert - If i had you and For Your Entertainment..Bruno Mars - Grenade..wow so many actually...Maroon 5... Evanessace..Ill add more later x Other than that.. Not really sure what else to add...Oh my fav number has to 8 as its like the eternity sign turned sideways..Colours.. i don't really have a fav colour...(strange)..I like Soft Pink, light yellow, Soft baby blue and Lilac.. Also neon colours..i a4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.png?1828806360 Dragons!!!I actually love all mythical creatures but Dragons must be my favorite.. Used to play Dragon Adopters until they closed the site... So sad!!  My bad traits are that I am NOT a very forgiving person..(I'll do anything for anyone...) but Once you have "stepped" on me...It takes a lot to win my friendship back..!! I really should try to "Forgive and Forget"...c02c9876e2b59391866c49a21f0e04e0.png?1828806360But.. anyhoo... Oh i love :Monkeys Weddings".. do you guys know what that is??? It's when it rains when the sun is shinning!! Its so weird!! But i love the rain and for it to rain when the sun is out is extra special... nature has a sense of humour i swear!! WOW ok it sounds like i have Verbal Diarreah!!! Sorry!!!  Thanks For reading and Happy Howrsing!! And before i forget i am an adult player...  Lots Of Love Cawings xxxxa4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.png?1828806360                                  
      WOW i cannot believe how many PETTY players there are on this game- shame!! Can't wait for the opportunity to report someone about UTTER NONSENSE!!!I can just imagine what type of people these are in Real-Life..c02c9876e2b59391866c49a21f0e04e0_v1828806360.pngGet On with the game and stop trolling pages looking for reasons to get under other peoples skin - seriously if ur life is that boring.. go out and get one!!!!! My Game - Hmmmm...Really i have no clue what to write about that... I just never seem to get anywhere.. one day i am up and the next down..I try to breed high GP horse, But i have no particular breed i stick with.. My favorite breeds have to be the Mawari and Knappi breed.! And i DO accept RANDOM friend requests - So please send me one xxx I am a pretty non judgemental type person - Labels are for soup cans!! NOT people! Be who you are and not what society wants you to be..Don't ever judge people by whats on the outside, It's what's in the inside that counts!! Feel FREE to raid my forum guys... Go Wild!!! 855f2acb12410ea8c7951e834f5ff498.png?1828806360