I love Kpop please friend me if you do too!

I am a canadian player who loves animals and I am currently learning korean, because you know since I spend most of my time listening to kpop or watching   k-dramas or korean tv shows such as Running Man may as well know what they are saying/singing about.

I would like to Thank All the players who helped me out in the World Championship Challenge!

I love all creatures real and imagined like Unicorns and Dragons, I'd like to Friend all players who have "dragon" in their Log in Name. Horses, Dogs, Cats, Fish and Bunnies make me very Happy Too! 


I accept most Friend Requests,Thank You!

I got my first winged unicorn from Ashlyn7 today!!!

I also got a 
cute donkey and 4 amazing GA horses from her too! Thanks so, so, much!

Ashlyn7 is kind and generous and I will never, ever, forget her!!!!

  Good Luck to everyone in the Lottery!

I would love to trade tickets with you!

Just send me 1 and I`ll send you 1 back!



    A really big ``thank you`` goes out tmy friends who have returned tickets during the lottery!

Only horses IN the For Sale Tab ARE for sale. Thank You!

If you could please congratulate me I will try very hard to return the favor, Thank You!. 

-2the funny farmer419

I made it to 5th!!!! I can not believe it!!!  on September 14th and again October 18th 2014! Woot! Woot!



Thank You ALL so, so, so, Much!  59f1c863dca1baa69838b4841ccd34b9.png?21987422

Only horses IN the For Sale Tab ARE for sale. Thank You!