About Me

Hey I see you've stumbled onto my page. A few things you should about me are:                                                                                     1. I'm a female adult player                         2. I'm friendly                                           3. I don't tolerate nonsense, drama or rudeness                                                                                                                             Other than that I'm a friendly, kind player. Some things I love are Horses, Art, Music, Lady Gaga & Anime/Manga. I don't mind chatting however I'm currently extremely busy so I probably won't respond to many messages that aren't from team members. 



I'm currently extremely busy in real life so with that said I'll be slow at replying to messages. (except my teams) I come on at random times but mostly at night. My timezone is the Pacific Time Zone so that will also make a big difference as to when I'll be on.                                                                                                          Teams: Currently on EliteTeams for Marwari, Akhal Teke Unicorns, Peruvian Paso Unicorns and a few others. I love my teams dearly as their like an extended crazy family.         
 Sales: I don't accept Black Market items to take off passes. If a horse is up for passes then that's what I want. If I get any messages asking if they can put the price down in exchange for passes I will ignore them & if you continue then I will block you.

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