About Me:

I'm a 15 year old rider from the UK who just loves horses! I have a Welsh pony called Scooby who loves to jump, and has a strange obsession with bananas :/

Feel free to message me and talk- I don't bite... usually!


I breed classical horses according to what competition they are best at!

I sell any horse except those that are in 'The Other Horses' breeding farm. Message me if you would like a private sale or swap. Just a heads up- I am only willing to do a swap if you put your horse for sale first- I don't want to lose my horses for nothing if somebody decides they aren't holding up their end of the bargain!
My horses are all prices relatively cheaply so if you want to buy one of my horses you can work out the price below (or message me and I'll tell you).

To get my standard prices I start with the Genetic Potential number then add the numbers below:
Age x 10 (If below 10)
Bolded Skills x 100
Competitions: Wins x 100; seconds x 10; thirds `
BMIs x 1000
Tack: 3* x 1000; 2* x 100; 1* x 10
Bonus x 100
Full BLUP = 1000

You can tell without checking that horses are fully BLUPped if their names are in CAPITALS. An exception to this is horses with Apollo's lyre.