About Me

Hello people of Howrse! My name is Dianna and I am twenty-six years old. I used to take horseback riding lessons in the English (hunter/jumper) discipline and rode for 9 years before quitting in 2014.

So that's all I can think of saying for right now. I'm pretty friendly, so feel free to shoot me a message.

My Game

Currently just focusing on my equestrian center and getting trophies. I don't have the time or commitment to really compete in teams or a lot of competitions anymore.

I was the leader of an Argentinean Criollos breeding group, En El Sol, at one point. It was successful for a couple of weeks but the members, including myself, stopped breeding actively and we didn't have the supplies to continue breeding so we stopped. Anyways, I probably shouldn't do breeding groups anymore.

My Affixes:
Volar en el Sol
GøΙ∂εп Galløpεrs
Gεпεѕїѕ GøΙ∂εп
Reborn Genesis
been Dizzy
of Pendragon
of Embriel
ÐøŋțĽέțĞø Lustianos

I was a member of the Lustiano breeding group Genesis until we disbanded. At the time, we had GP that was close to 10-15 points behind Jaded (the top Lustiano team/group).

I went through a phase of breeding thoroughbreds, solo, and bred a horse that earned over 100 rosettes. Thoroughbreds were also my first horses with over 3000 GP and 4000 skills.

If a horse is not already in the sales or in the Sales breeding farm, it is not for sale. Any of the horses in the Sales breeding farm can be sold for reasonable offers.

Contacting Me

I try to return all Congratulations and will accept all friend requests. Also, I exchange lottery tickets and whatever else Howrse has in store that friends can help with. (I will delete people who have not be on in 2 weeks if they were a random friend request.)

Click here to friend me.

Don't message me about buying one of my horses unless it is already in the sales or in the Sales breeding farm. Also, unless you see a public covering listed for any of my stallions, I will not cover your mares. Please do not advertise any sales to me. I am not interested.

Any person who sends a PM that does not follow my own or howrse rules may be blocked and reported.


24 Mar 2021 - It's been a minute. I'm now in social work and working on my Master's for that. School, work, and home life have taken the lead. I still occasionally hop on here because I don't want to lose the work I put into it throughout high school and college. Here for fun and entertainment. :)

7 Nov 2017 - I'm not even gonna make excuses. I've been here, just haven't updated anything. I occasionally get motivated to purchase a good horse and train it to be a rosette winner, but it's too much effort to commit to a breeding program so I just stick with one or two horses and selling their foals. It's been working pretty well (I've gone from 1 mill to 4+ over the past few months). irl, I've now graduated from college (happened back in May) and am working fulltime so woo! Adulting!

4 June 2016 - Hahahahaaa. Woops. Not really active. Will be selling a bunch of horses soon. Also, all of my BMIs are up for sale, so just PM me if you're interested (I have a lot of certain types, and none of others, fyi). I'm a senior in college now. What is this? What is happening? Why life?

5 May 2015 - Not really focusing on breeding too much recently, just updating the EC since the rank has suffered greatly from the updates. About to finish up my sophomore year of college, it's so surreal. I'm halfway through, can't believe it.

3 Jan 2015 - Wow! It's the New Year! I haven't been very active recently but I may be looking to get back into the game, maybe become a part-time member of a breeding group. I need something to do to get me back and involved in the game. I will remain a non-pass buyer and continue to stock up on BM items and whatnot until I have found people I wish to breed with. Obviously, En El Sol has disbanded, but it was a good month or so that we had. It was definitely a challenge leading a breeding group, especially one of non-pass buyers and inexperienced BLUPers but it was fun. I found that I liked teaching the inexperienced. There are so many changes to Howrse. I like the new layout and format. It makes more sense than the one before, but it still takes some getting used to. Same with the EC's.

1 Jul 2014 - lak101499 and I joined forces, once again, to bring you the 2nd highest ranking Argentinean Criollos on the international server. It's gonna be great, I know it. Look out for En El Sol Criollos!

4 Apr 2014 - My first horse with over 3000 GP (Kayd)! Check out her foals, they'd been good runners. I haven't blupped a horse in a while and I kind of messed up a little with her early training (missed a few lessons) but it's not the end of the world. She's still really awesome and will be really awesome.

8 Feb 2014 - so my babes (Alizanza) has been amazing! She is definitely my top horse with over 1000 in gallop and over 100 rosettes earned! Seriously, love her.

19 Nov 2013 - YAY! All of my competitions now offer rosettes! This is awesome, all I've been working towards for such a long time. Thank you everyone who has entered in my competitions, and also to those who have boarded in my EC. Eek! Excitingness.

27 Oct 2013 - EC now normally in the 500's and 76% prestige. Slowly, but surely, I'm getting there. College is okay, though I do miss home.

26 Sep 2013 - EC prestige normally 75%, but I will never be satisfied. I just want a really high ranking one (it's in the 600's normally, now). I started breeding thoroughbreds three days ago (I need them in my galloping races). That is all for now. College has been good. :)

25 Aug 2013 - EC is still highly ranked, I'm just looking to get two or three percentages higher in prestige. My first year of college starts tomorrow, so I might not be on here even more than usual.

12 Jul 2013 - ranked exactly 1000th EC... still going back and forth from 800's to the 1200's, but prestige is almost always around 72-73%, which I am proud of.

6 Jun 2013 - Still not very active. I try to come online every day, but it doesn't always happen. I'm sure I will get back into things in the future. Restocking the BMI's and aging points right now (and I don't have enough time for being very active). Though, please, feel free to send me messages. I'd love to talk to people :)
Also, broke 3000's in ranking! (3806th)

27 Apr 2013 - one year on howrse!

24 Apr 2013 - broke 4000's in ranking! (4657th)

23 Apr 2013 - first rosette! Won by this horse. I even trained her myself.