19, bio-vet student, simply existing, unfortunately floridian

just reliving my childhood (I made this account when I was 11 lmao) 


any of my fully bluped males are available for covering offers, just ask, i usually say the price is half of their GP (so like if one has a 1000 gp the covering price would be 500e and so on). if the male you're interested isn't fully bluped yet than i'm not really willing to do coverings but if you check back and he's ready feel free to ask again! 

i'm working on a stupid little project with some of my lower level horses that i'm calling the foundation breeding program, basically i'm taking horses that are a little lower in GP than i'd like and breeding them to sell their foals as cheap starter horses for people who want to start their own blupping program. all their foals go up for auction at 500e for normal horses and 2000e for unicorns/uni fails and can be found in the other horses tab which is basically my sales tab. 

i use this account to escape my college courses