Hello all, welcome to my page. I'm an aussie working night shifts so I hardly get on to answer messages when I am working. I'm just getting back into active gameplay so if I take awhile to respond to your PMs that may be why. Currently I am focusing my time on collecting HOGs and RCs. I dabble in teams and often BLUP, I enjoy gaining connections and helping people out!

Yes, I accept offers on my horses, including Retired Coats, I will hardly turn down a reasonable offer. However if you do decide to offer on them, please put your offer in the intial PM and please don't be hurt if I say no. If you don't put your offer in the PM you are at a chance of getting ignored. Never ask, "How low will you go." I consider that rude. 

The only horses NEVER for sale are in the tabs, "HOGS." and "Creators I'm collecting." No team horses above release are for sale EVER.

I auto comp most of my BLUPS, if this is a problem for you and you are struggling to get wins, please PM and I'll fill for you. Please also be polite!

I can and will help out with daily objectives, just PM. I do not give out free horses, however may gift some to newer players!