Hello! I'm an on-and-off player that got started here when I was 13. Now I'm 21, so if any minors want to message me, make sure it's okay with your parents. 
I'm not here for the rankings or competition anymore. So much has changed and I don't need that stress in my life on top of everything else. I'm pretty chill and would like to make some friends!

Feel free to message me about buying my horses (or about pretty much anything for that matter). I accept all friend requests.

A little about me: 
I'm a pre-vet student who plans to attend veterinary school to become a large-animal veterinarian. I have worked with some veterinarians for years and have had a lot of fun working with horses, cows, sheep, and pigs. 
My interests include LOTR, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and pretty much anything nerdy.

I am a HUGE swiftie. If you like Taylor Swift, I'd love to talk! You can find me on tumblr as well (message me for that, I'm not posting any social media here).