Congrats to ᴋᴀᴛɪᴇ.ʟoᴠᴇs.ʏoᴜ ღ for winning Mays Harmony pack

Adult player.
UFO is always set at 5%

All horses that are not compatible with the HR and are under 100 uses and Retired are 2500. No exceptions. Over 100 uses and Retired, you can make offers.
All horses are for sale. Low offers will be ignored.

I am looking for this affix, if you have and are willing to sell please let me know. 
░ §hìlöhs' §pìrìτ ░
I only play on this server, any other server with my name is not me.
Autumn 1st
Winter 8th
Spring 15th
Summer 22nd
((I am a whosoever.))
Uggy Dec. 9 2015 RIP