I consider myself a collector of DAs, RCs and GAs. I am mostly interested in any DA, RC Uni and ANY PreCS RCs. If you have any you're looking to sell please send me a message.

NOTE: My DAs in my NFS and Uni tabs are NFS. (I'm not sure how much clearer I have to make this. Please respect what NFS means)

I also breed Unicorns(affix: the Accession Unis). I have every breed so if you'd like a custom uni send me a PM and I'll tell you my prices.

If you are interested in any of my horses send me a message. They are all for sale for the right price, just please do not send unreasonable offers. Divines and NFS DAs excluded.

ALWAYS looking for philosopher's stones and Hestias Gifts. Please message me if you are selling!

None of my Divines or NFS DAs will EVER be for sale, that is non negotiable!