Hello Folks, I'm PsychoFaye!

Just a smidge about real-life me - I love to ride and work with horses; I even majored in Animal Science!  I've had the privilege to work with horses as well, including teaching riding lessons at a summer camp.

Here on Howrse, I enjoy messing around and breeding horses!  I started out with Fresians and Welsh Ponies, but I'm now focused on my Arabs, and working on my Thoroughbred and Nokota bloodlines on the side.  I am also very excited about the recent addition of draft breeds.

So far as sales go - if you want one of my horses that is not currently up for sale, you are welcome to ask if I am willing to sell - even if I am not selling that particular horse, I might have another that would meet your needs.  However, I am not currently selling any of my Golden Apple horses, sorry!

Thanks, and hug your horses!