hello everyone

my name is flo! my old loan pony, prada, is in my display picture. i own a 16.3 bay mare called belle who i showjump. i first started riding when i was seven, and i started this account with my friend (cat) soon after, however she doesn't play on this account anymore, but you can find her at CatyCatkin!

i will accept almost all friend requests => add me!

buying! : aphrodite's tears, chronos' timer, achilles' heel, zeus' lightning bolt message me with a price!

i will sell the majority of my horses in 'the other horses' breeding farm

depending on the horse, some may vary in price, for example a female donkey or draft horse would be more than a regular horse.

please pm me if there is a horse you would like to buy and we can arrange something.  however, i will not sell a horse for less than it is worth, i have worked hard to produce some of my horses and i will not sell them for anything less than i think is fair and correct.

i will also not tolerate any rule breakers or those who beg for items or equus. i have spent many years on this account trying to improve it and make it successful. if you want a black market item or equus, earn it yourself.

thank you:)