Update 1/3/19- I sorta feel like I should update this every time I come back to visit. So, hi, this page still feels like it belongs to 13 year old Sarah, but 19 year old Sarah enjoys a visit every once in a while! I head back to college in a few days so I won't be back around long, I'm just back for a few days to skill a couple horses and have a little fun- nothing serious, and definitely just enjoying what I have stockpiled! It's nice to play sort of a reckless game- not worrying about value or return or anything, just using what I have for the fun of it! Who cares if I use up my Nyx packs, since I'll only be around a few days! So many changes have come to Howrse since I played regularly, but it's incredible to see how many things- teams, people, etc- are still the same. I have so many fond memories of this website and it's nice to come back every once in a while.

Update 8/1/16- Hey folks, it's Sarah. It's been a while, but I'm back, at least for now. School starts in a month, though, so we'll see how long my being back lasts (Since as I recall high school was what took me away from Howrse in the first place- the phrase 'AP' has taken an entirely different meaning for me in the past couple years!). Because of that, I'm restraining myself from joining any teams, even though I want nothing more than to get back into competitive breeding, since I'm not confident that I can commit for more than a couple weeks (though if your team is interested in a guest BLUPer/possibly temporary member, let me know- I have a LOT of resources stockpiled from before and I don't want them to go to waste!). Meanwhile, I'm getting reacclimated to Howrse and to the changes that have occurred in the past two to three years since I played seriously- When I left top GP was in the 2000s, y'all have made some serious progress!- and bolstering my supply of APs. I'd love to hear from any of my old breeding partners and teammates if any of you are still here, send me a message!

One more note- The layout and text and everything below is from when I played Howrse before. Most of the information isn't really accurate anymore, but somehow I can't bring myself to get rid of it- it feels like some sort of time capsule. Maybe if I really end up sticking around and playing seriously again I'll change it, but at the moment it feels like this page and in many ways this game belongs to 13 year old Sarah, not 16 year old Sarah, so I'm gonna leave it.

Are you trying to raise your EC prestige but your competitions just won't run? I know the feeling and I've got your back. If you need help getting your difficult EC comps to run enough times to get them up to rosette level, let me know and I'd be happy to help! At the moment, I have horses capable of reaching rosette level competitions in showjumping, dressage, and cross country. Just let me know the name of your EC and I'll do what I can! All I ask in return is that you try to do the same for me/others if you're able (My EC is Blue Skies of Mapleview, and I'm working on raising my comp prestige!)

Let's talk about skillers. Are you a newer/less dominant player with a desire for skillers but no way to get one? I sympathize- they're expensive, and most of us don't have 20 passes lying around. So I've decided to offer a sort of customized service to get people affordable skillers. You would pick the foal and what items you want on it, and I would put those items on and skill it for you before selling it back to you at a more affordable price than most skillers in direct sales.

How can I manage that? Well, here's the secret- not all the BMIs you see on skillers in direct sales are completely necessary. Sure, they're nice, but you can get away without some of them. So without further ado, I present you:
Do I REALLY need that for a skiller?
So, how would this look in terms of pricing? Basically, you pay for what you want. Base charge (NOT including the price of the foal) is 3 passes for a skiller with only a WoY. (One pass for the WoY, 2 passes for the aging points required)
Add ons:
-Morpheus' Arms- 1 pass (Since I'm charging 2 as part of the base price for aging points, which I won't need if you decide on arms, that 2 from the base price counts towards the 3 needed for arms)
-Philosopher's Stone- 3 passes
-Chronos' Timer and Nyx's Star- free IF you choose to add both MA and a stone
-Cloud Pack- 5 passes (Yeah, it's a lot, I know, but that's what it costs)
-Achilles' Heel and Philotes' Stroke- negotiable. A pass for both, or equus- we can talk about it
-Harmony pack/Bonus Pack/Poseidon's Pack- 2 passes each
-Medusa's blood- 1 pass or equus
-Anything else- whatever it costs me!

-Your foal cost 4 passes. You choose to add on a Philosopher's Stone and a Cloud Pack. Your final skiller price is 15 passes, as compared to the 20 you would pay in directs.
-You want a truly top of the line skiller, so your foal costs you 8 passes. With a stone and cloud pack, this will cost you 19 passes total.
- The foal costs 3 passes, and you want MA and a Stone- 10 passes
-Your foal costs 5 passes, and you decide on no addons- 8 passes

Foal prices are not in my control as I don't breed skiller foals. Foal prices are likely to be based on the foal's potential skills, so a cheaper one will end up with fewer skills than a more expensive one. In general, for elite skiller foals (at least of Prix breeds) you're going to be looking at 3-8 passes for your foal. That's unfortunately just the way it is.

PM me if you're interested, and let's talk! I want everyone to get the most out of this game weather they can buy passes or not. Because of that, these prices are negotiable, but only to a certain degree- there's not much of any profit built into these prices, and this whole thing will not be sustainable if I end up spending more on your skiller than you pay for it. Skillers cost passes, and I can't change that. I'm just trying to give people a way to get them for slightly fewer passes. Also, if we make a deal and you tell me you're going to buy a skiller from me, I need you to stick to that decision. If you're not 100% you'll be able to purchase the skiller for its fair price when I'm done, I will not purchase the foal and I will not begin skilling. It's an expensive process, so I need to know I'm not throwing items down the drain and that I will be reimbursed at the end.

Sales & PMing

When you PM me, just use common sense. Be polite and attempt coherency.

I'm willing to consider most offers on horses. However, I will not entertain any offer on an above sales GP horse, so please, take the time to check sales GP before offering on one of my breeding group horses. When negotiating, 1 pass=100k. I'm interested in these BM items- MA, ZLB, tears, bonus pack, centaur pack, CT, GA, harm pack, Hera pack, Herme's winged staff, HoP, nyx, P stone, PoC, P pack and individual pieces of P tack, 5th element, Bewitched pumpkin, T. challenge, WoY.


I would like to thank my dear friend fuzzypelt for this layout. It's beauteous. In case anyone was wondering, it's a Dumbledore quote. And, I suppose, by extension, a quote of the lovely J.K. Rowling.

A Fire Within, howrse's top RDHs until 1810 GP, are no more. AFW was a legacy that lasted 1100 GP, and for almost an entire year. A team has sprouted up from stolen blups, and is sadly taking boards. I was a part of the team for a time, and remained a friend of the team. It was an amazing team with a truely amazig leader, a person that I am beyond glad I've had the privilege of knowing for the past year and a half. Shan, I love you. I hope the legacy of AFW is never forgotten. 

About me/my game

Salutations! I am Sarah. You can call me opi, Sarah, Sar, or pretty much whatever you please. I see no harm in putting a little about myself here, as I don't think you can find me by knowing that I'm a thirteen year old named Sarah- I'd guess there are quite a quantity of us. I'm from the United States (The east coast, so 5 hours behind GT).I am a massive nerd and proud of it (I like to say I'm a proud third generation genetic nerd). Be warned, I am the daughter of an editor with a deep seated love of grammar. I will probably only correct yours if I know you well, though. I'm also very sarcastic, but again, that tends to show more once I get to know you. If you are to get to know me you will discover that I am a very strange and weird person. I believe a friend of mine and I have caused someone in our school to be seriously concerned about the state of our mental health by making strange noises while walking down the hall. This is an accomplishment I am proud of. Oh, about my game! I have, at the point of writing this, been addicted to howrse for about a year and a half now. I am quite addicted to the game and probably have spent way to much time and money on it, but I enjoy it. Oh well. I have been a member of many breeding teams, my first being Trackers and later Oracle Nokotas. That team and those people really shaped me when it comes to howrse, and I would like to thank them. Bella, Shan, kata, Amanda, mo, volpe, love, ruse, all of you. I love you, and thank you. I then joined Espiritu criollos and have stuck around on the breed through the whole horrid saga of drama. At this point, I believe that I am done with the breed and will be moving on. I have also been a member of many other small teams, all of which I have fully enjoyed. If you'd like to chat, please don't hesitate to PM me. I don't bite. However, be aware that I have never been any good at conversation starting, so I'll leave that part to you.

Breeding groups

I'm sad to say Espiritu has once more disbanded. I will be looking for another top team, preferably prix breed, to join. If your team is interested, shoot me a PM.
2evw11l.jpg Warriorz (left) ad I are the graceful peacocks xD.png?1097526923 Yes, yes, we are strange humans. MWAHAHAHAHAHA :k.png?1097526923
(yes, yes, the photoshopping (well, GIMPing, technically) is terrible. A) I did it really fast and B) I wasn't trying to hard because I like how it looks with our heads just sitting there on peacocks. %5E).png?1097526923