~a4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.png?1828806360MY MOST MASSIVE GIVEAWAY EVER HAS ENDED!!! CONGRATS TO ALL OUR WINNERS!!!!! ~a4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.png?1828806360~

P.S.: If you missed out on that giveaway, do not worry! Once I get stuff together again, I shall have another! Keep an eye out for it please!

I am cool with literally almost everything, so if you want to talk to me, go for it. I've literally never been offended by anything, ever. I'm here to listen, so if you want to talk, even about something specific or something bothering you, or even something most people won't talk to you about, I'm here to listen. I don't care if I've never spoken to you ever before. I'm here for you. a4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.png

ALL the Unicorns in the Trade Me Please! :) tab are open to offers! I sell two-three for a pass if you are interested! I also make extra deals for bulk offers, and accept equus offers as well! 

I am now also offering to breed unicorns for people! I can generally breed 50+ unicorns in that one minute opening. Just have them ready for breeding, tell me how you want them bred (use this stud, this price covering, etc.), leave me co, and watch me go! I don't ask for payment, and do nothing other than cover the unis you specify to me. I just want to try and break my record of a whopping 134 unicorns covered in one minute! That's over two unis covered per second! Would have been more even, but Chrome crashed with the last few seconds left. Oh well, maybe next time, and maybe with YOUR unicorns! =D


Banner created by silverstar52301 for a cat of mine. a4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.png?975083578 His bottom jaw was broken. Long story short, we had to put him down. 25376ca9c38f23811c401c64339ffa93.png?975083578 Thank you! 
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 I AM playing on howrse more often, but not for myself. I'm playing to help all the other people that were scammed. Info below. 

There are people on this game with many accounts, and no care for the rules. And there are a lot of them, sadly. Many will say that they'll do something good if you give them your password, like they'll take care of your horses, give you stuff, buy passes for you, help you with a problem, etc.. This is a lie. They will take your password, everything you've ever worked for on this game, completely ruin your reputation, and laugh as you scramble to save anything, most of which you will never see again, account included. Please, protect yourself. Howrse has the co account sharing for a reason. It's for your own safety. Please, heed Howrse's and my warning. We've already lost too many incredible people to this mistake. Don't become one of them. 

Good-bye KatyPerryFan, 203018, TeamClove135, and Kiichii. They and MANY others were lost to this SCAMMER/HACKER.  Also, a good-bye to Lisha101. She just couldn't stand how Howrse is falling apart. Poem by her below. Good-bye fire spawn, ETbestsongevermade,  BlackWolfAngel, uc2, godflower, KarateCrazy, Maza63, Blue Lime, and HayDay. I simply want to say good-bye to them, as they are no longer on Howrse and I never got the chance to say it before. 

203019 is back now as Kiochii!!! After one of her favorite. (lost) horses (that I could not recover) HayDay is also back, but she prefers not to have her new name spread, so I'm just going to be happy she's back!! I missed you, hun. <3

If ANYONE EVER has a horse from one of the people above, please PM me!!! I will fight to get that horse! I usually have equus, passes, unicorns to trade, BMI's, and other things. I want to get them all back as soon as I can so that if their rightful owners ever come back on, I can give them back their horses! 
This Poem is called 'I have fought for so long" It's by Lisha101, who quit today. July 25th, 2012. 25376ca9c38f23811c401c64339ffa93.png?137722501

"I have fought so long, so many scars, broken pieces, now behind bars, 
what have I done to deserve such pain, when everything has gone down the drain,
I'd love to stay, but I'm being pulled away,
I have fought for so long, so many scars, broken pieces, now behind bars, 
don't feel sorry, there is no need to worry,
I have had a great time, now it's the end of the line
you probably hate me for this, but just remember this,
enjoy life and cherish your love, but if you don't, you'll always be loved" 


Howrse Goals:
1. Have/keep 500 passes (NONE bought with real money!!)
2. Have/keep 1,000 passes
3. Immortalize all my favorite unicorns (ALL 260 DONE!!!)
4. Have 500 Immortal unicorns (260! Half way there!)
5. Have an immortal unimare of every breed
6. Have 10k AP's
7. Have 20k AP's (16k)
8. Have 50k AP's
9. Have 100k AP's
10. Have 1 billion e. (260mil currently)
11. Breed every coat of every breed (getting there! See my trophy tab or my trophy coats affix)
12. Get an Isis
13. Get an Archimedes 
14. Have 1 dozen Pesti Unicorns (2)
15. Beat my uni covering record of 104 unicorns in 1 minute
16. Have 3+ Immortal uni mares of every breed.
17. Have a Fjord unicorn in every coat color (Need Gulblakk, Rodblakk, & Ulsblakk)
18. Have "special" coats on every permanent unicorn
19. Have Backgrounds on every permanent unicorn
20. Own a Shutterfly unicorn
21. Complete Training/Rides(including Beach)/BLUP on ALL my special unicorns

~ ~ ~ 
~ Please ignore this section until the next ~ ~ ~. This section is more a memory of my old life on here. It'll be here until I can decide where else to save it. Thank you. 
My RPG's: To Come
~ I've begun a Brand-New RPG called Gods of Legend (GOL) and I am the FIRST to give you this RPG! a4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.png?1819265302 
The Hanging Noose (Also the first of its kind!) (Temporarily paused)
Wild Horse Herd 
Wolves (Pack of the Moon and Pack of the Sun) 
Elemental Wolves 
The Hunger Games 
Rising Success High School (Magical, but never say that!) 
Racehorse ~ Rise to Championship (Only 1 winner, no limit on how many play, anyone can join!) 
Tournament of the Dragons
Nala's Mark (First of it's kind!) 
Kings and Kingdoms 
End of the World 
Destined to Die 
~ ~ ~ 

PM me if you have any questions, comments, ideas, or just want to chat! I try to help anyone I can! ced83a1ec20d9f7b45a8c537f1ccdf3c.png?1819265302
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^-^ Made by my friend Jewelsy718!

~ This last chunk is still in progress of being fixed, please bare with me. ~


Howrse Goals

*Please see above. Something is going wrong with this 1/2 of the presentation.*


Randomness / My Game / Breeding

I started this game with a goal to breed 100 Unicowrns.  I have now bred way too many to count. I gave up counting ages ago. XD It's probably over 5000 at this point, which is well more than my seniority! Now, my goals consist of getting my favorite unicorns. 
I am currently breeding: Morgan unis, Standardbred unis, and Icelandic unis and horses. I keep them in my various Team Horses tabs. I also used to breed about every other breed, among some other projects. They're mainly in my Time~§pace~ Dimensions tab. 
COMPLETED~ I  have had the most MASSIVE giveaway (for me) ever! (For my abilities, anyway) Including Passes, Equus, high value BMIs (One of basically everything) a pegasus of every breed, 2 unicorns from every breed (one stallion, one mare covered in the right conditions) RC's and other BMIs horses, 5,000+skills 4,500+GP rosette winning horses, foals from those rosette winners,  a FULL FABELLA SET, and SO MUCH MORE!!! NONE of this is bought with real money, all of it I have worked for! It was not a contest, just a pure giveaway, meaning everyone who entered won something! I hope you all enjoyed participating! And if you missed it, fear not, there shall be another! (I need to recoup and get stuff together again from the last one before I start another though.) So, please be patient, and excited for then!