I am 2doves2!

 Welcome to my page!


 I am a Christian, Adult, Married female player and am respectful of everyone and their game and ask the same in return. 

 Other than my love of horses, No I do not own any but have riden at times throughout my life, I have a great love for our Canine and Feathered friends. I have Trained, Showed, and Selectively bred dogs for 36 years. We own a variety of  rare breed Chickens, and am trying to raise our own Show Birds. I enjoy Vegetable Gardening, reading my Bible and doing Daily Devotionals, Journaling, playing board games, listening to music, and watching a few TV shows.

 My husband and I enjoy spending time together playing the game for relaxation so we are NO DRAMA people.


 I am on the game to enjoy and share my love of horses. I am very friendly and am helpful to others when asked but ask that you please do not take advantage of my kindness or mistake it for weakness. I DO NOT like Drama in my game, life has enough of that!

I enjoy collecting RC and GA horses, completing collections of a variety of horse breeds including Divines horses. I like learning from other players and enjoy sharing what I have learned about the game with others as well. You Know.. Pay It Forward kind of thing !!

 I am on a Unicorn Team, a Non - Competitive Non Unicorn Team, a Competitive Arabian Team, a Just for Fun Unicorn Team, and a very minimal participation KWPN Team.

   Unicorn Team (Competitive) #1 Paint Unicorn Team focused on bringing the best 
                                     Paint Unicorns to the International Server.

Graffiti Paint Unicorns Team

Non Unicorn Team (Non-Competitive) focused on Winning Rosettes & Grand Prix

~Phantasm-agoria~ Gypsy Vanner Team

   Non Unicorn Team (Competitive) focused on bettering the Arabian breed

Black Sands Arabians Team

   Just because FUN Unicorn Team with a friend

 † Jυsτ Ɓгελτнε Ƥλsσ † Peruvian Paso Team

VIP and very minimal player of Titanium KWPN Team

Pertaining to the Teams:

I do not sell above the Teams's set Sales Cap so please do not ask

I do not offer Covers to Mares, Purebred OR Mixed that are above what the Teams set Covers GP at so Please do not ask.

 If you are a committed, helpful, and competitive person that is interested in joining one of the Teams above, have great communication skills, and are willing to devote the time and resources needed to be part of a great team, please message me and inquire. I will help you or get your to one of the Team Leader that can :-)


Unfortunately, it has become needed that I add a few rules


I follow all game rules!
I WILL NOT become only a VIP for your Team nor will I start a Team for you.
I do not trade horses, if I want a horse I will purchase it through direct/auction sales
I do not sell or buy BMI's other than through the exchanges
I do not trade/sell passes (Trafficking)
Please read the rules of the game if you need clarity about what IS and IS NOT acceptable.

1) If a horse is not in sales.. it is not for sale
2) If I have a horse in sales and it is not negotiable, I want the price placed on it.
3) If a horse in sales is listed a negotiable, please be realistic with your offers
4) If I buy a horse, it is mine, please do not ask to by it back
5) Please do not ask me to buy your horses, if I want a horse I will inquire about it.
6) Please do not ask me to join your Team or to start a Team for you. If I am
    interested in joining a team, I will contact the Admin of the team and inquire.
7) Please do not use Text or Slag speak with me, I do not understand it, I will not waste my game time trying to figure out what you are saying, and will not
    respond to your message.
8) I have worked very hard on my game and invested a lot of time and money on it so
    PLEASE do not contact me and beg me to give you horses, unis, AP's, BMI's or
    Passes. No amount of emoticons or repetitive messages will help.

*I am sorry that is have become necessary to have to put rules on an enjoyable game*

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