Welcome to my page! You can call me Pony.

Like many others on this game, I adore horses. In reality, I own one horse - a sassy buckskin quarter horse mare called Jezebel (Jez, for short). She's in my avatar.
My other animals are a Golden-doodle called Summer, and my three kitties Caspian, Noodles (both calico), and Rose (blue-point Siamese).

Besides riding, my hobbies include writing and reading fantasy novels, playing the piano, and drawing.

Fun Fact: I am named after a character from one of Piers Anthony's Xanth novels.

If you want to connect, check out my social media accounts:
Instagram: @ivyjanssen
TikTok: @ponyandjez
As far as Howrse is concerned, I am not super active or competitive.
When I am around, I mostly breed Paint horses. In the past, I've bred and trained horses for New World Paints and Star Studded Eyes. I am not currently looking to join a breeding team. Check out my high quality Paint horses under the affix: Celebrate the Light
My horses are not for sale unless I list them as such. When I do offer sales, they're usually cheap as I'm just looking for someone to take them.
I offer 500e coverings from all of my 100 BLUP studs in the 'Stallions' tab. PM me if there aren't public coverings available and I'll reserve you one.
Any questions, feel free to PM me at any time.