Current Items For Sale: 


Very reputable and a trustworthy trader. If you are interested in buying a Hestia's Gift please message me. Quick trade.

Looking To Buy: (Must be purebreds with no affix) 

-Immortal Marwari 
-Marwari with attached pet 

Horses for Sale:

If you are interested in any of my horses feel free to take a look in the "Sale" tab. I may be willing to negotiate on price, but please make sure the offer is fair or it will just be ignored.

I am currently going through a major downgrade and putting many of my horses up for sale. Interested in unicorns? I will be putting my entire herd of unicorns up for sale as soon as I am able... please keep an eye out if you are interested. 

Some of my goals/objectives in this game: 

- I am a very friendly player and am always willing to help others. Currently, I am breeding and skilling my own horses. It gives me something to do on this game. I currently have  many highly skilled horses and I am very proud of that. Over 90% I have bred myself. 

-I am also currently breeding my own Unicorns. Feel free to check them out in my unicorns tab. I am not in a group and am not looking to be. I would rather go at my own pace. I am looking to buy a top GP Unicorn stallion. If you are selling - please PM me.

-Thanks for visiting. Congratulations loved