My Game


Hi I'm filly3000483 and I also have an account on the English version with the same user name. I accept random friend requests on both account so feel free to add me and pm me. Feel free to check out my forum and create a new discussion ( I will delete it if I feel they're inappropriate or don't comply with the forum rules set by howrse) or sign my guestbook. If you congratulate me I try to congratulate you back, also congratulate my friends as well!!


About me

I have been playing howrse since 2011 and I try to go on here real life I have 2 horses:

pepper:13.3hh, 20-30 years old (approx.), gelding, who I have had on loan for just over a year and is still ridden despite being an old man!!

Ruby: 14.1hh, 7 yr old, ish x, chestnut, mare, who I have owned since march 2014 and we currently compete and place in sj at 2'3 and 2'6, however I'm hoping to do 2'9 and higher in the future.

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