Hello everyone!

I have been playing this game since middle school (though it was a different account). Now I'm about to graduate with my Bachelor's. As such, I am very active only periodically.

My Stabling Organization: I've Restructured!
Maternity Madness : Foals under 2 years (graduate @ onset of training)
On My Way : Young horses, with negative blup (graduate @ 0 blup)
Almost There : Adult horses, with better blup  (graduate @ 20 wins or 3 bold skills) 
Come and Get Me : Mares and Stallions, with good blup (breeding starts @ 85 blup)
Strut My Stuff : Flashy, Fancy, and Fabulous horses (ie. bm item-ed)

My Game Goals:
- Improve and expand my EC
- Collect one of every coat of every breed. 
- Earn any new trophies 

Feel free to send me a pm to chat!