Königin Katze

Unicorns, Pestis, Coats.

A bit about me

Howdy. I'm a teenager from the south. I ride horses, I make layouts and I make jewelry in real life. I have a job, and I am a pass buyer.

My game

I breed Unicorns and Pestis, and I also collect coats I find pretty. If you see something you like, send a PM. The worst I can do is say no. 

My rules

My rules are simple. Don't "lowball". I'll only chip away at sales by 10-15% of my initial value unless I'm desperate. Don't ask for freebies. 

My teams

I am apart of two teams. Volcanic Flames Unicorns, the #1 Icelandic Unicorn team, and  Les Croisés Français, the #2 Camargue Unicorn team.

Tiny achievements

Most unicorns bred in one session: 73
Most Passes at one time: 15,941. 
Most EQ at one time: 11.6mil
Quickest blup time with no bonuses/perks: 11 minutes.