Did I mention I LOVE Penguins ^^?

Who was I? I was Skydancer820.
And I still get the two names mixed up all the time...
I don't really have much else say about myself,
But if you want to get to know me or be friends, or whatnot,
 feel free to do so and send me a PM ^-^

Check out my collection of Divines and RC Horses!
I love em all ^^
I'm not poor, I just have all my eqqus stored 
as Wheat Bran. I have accumulated over
25 mil. of eqqus and still counting.
I'm sort of inactive, and only come on 
usually for the promo events or pop up once in a couple of months.
I will not be giving anything away.
I am extremely glad to have been a part of an amazing  
Thoroughbred Uni team during my time here - Enchanted
They have been the one true team I  
have dedicated my most to. Keep striving, Enchanted.