I’ve been playing Howrse for many years, I’ve bred a couple different breeds of horses, but until recently I mostly just worked with Arabians. Since I don’t have a ton of time to spend on the game I’ve recently decided I’m going to focus more on unicorns.

 I decided to start with a uni Quarter Horse mare I won from the game awhile back. My goal at the moment is to get all of the Quarter Horse coat colors from her and her offspring, and if I get a couple unicorns in the process great. The mare’s name is Cream. If you look at her foals you might notice all their names start with the letter ‘A’ that’s a quick way for me to know they are out of Cream. All of the second generation foals out if her line have names beginning with the letter ‘B’ I plan on going through the alphabet using this method but we’ll see how far I get. So that’s a little bit about my current game project.