Hi, I'm dsw108! I have been playing howrse for over 7 years! I am an adult player from the south eastern U.S . I have two horses of my own in real life. Zero, who is a double registered Bay appendix quarter horse. He is super sweet and ive had him since he was about 8 months old. he is 12 now! I also have an Arab/TWH/QH cross named Reese! He is a beautiful yet clumsy Flaxen Chestnut who is a big goofy puppy dog. I use him to barrel race with and my Avatar is a Pic of me and him. I Make avatars and banners on here, ill write more info on that later. Some of my Hobbies include, listening to music, singing, acting, writing, drawing, photography, riding, and collecting/ painting model horses. I collect breyers, and schleich. I have over 125 breyers, but only about 3-4 schleich as of right now. Some of my favorite music artists include, Black Veil Brides, Andy Black, Sleeping with sirens, Avril Lavinge, Selena Gomez, anything Disney, Blink 182, NF, Of Mice and Men, Papa roach, and many many more, these are just a small few, I listen to rock, pop, country, Christian, and I love Disney soundtracks im a kid at heart really. For those who must know I am not single, ive been dating my amazing Bf for over 1 and 7 months now and don't plan on trading him in anytime soon lol. I like to RP on here so if you want to do a PRP with me pm me! I guess that's all for now thanks for reading thus far, I tend to talk a lot. happy howrsing. 


As of  right now I only make banners and avatars as my layout coder has messed up and I need to find a new one, along with tinypic has shut down so I have to start using imgur I guess. I have free us banners and avatars In my forum but if you want something personalized I will have to ask you to pm me with this form filled out for me and I will get to work on it asap and should only take me a few minutes if im not busy.    

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Well on the game i breed a multitude of breeds but i think i enjoy my arabians the best as they are now just a fun hobby to me since my team shut down due to VIP being so expensive. I also collect Golden apples and Vintage apples as much as i can, kinda expensive hobby lol. I also have a Japan/ oriental theme going with some of my coats, i will soon get them put into their own breeding farm. i have many many stallions spread all throughout my breeding farms so take a look and if you see one you'd like a cover from pm me and we will talk pricing usually between 500-2000 E depending on the stallion and GP of the stallion. i dont usually sell my horses often, but i will consider offers on some so just pm me and we might be able to work something out unless its a really special horse to me.