Looking for young horses with MA. Must have top end gp. Just for fun to train up. 

Looking for someone to format a coat for the black pearl. I have no laptop, just an ipad, so can't do it will pay! Thanks

Looking for horse with camel companion.

Bolding, blupping and skilling available. Through co-management only unless horse has MA.


 Buying all da horses, especially da uns. Willing to pay BIG. I have much to offer, including multiple passes, loads of equus, etc...


Always looking to buy rainbow ga/rc coats and pregnant (at right time) unis. Will pay more for ga/rc unis.

Trading rules

Sorry, but these are my rules. If you don't like them, don't trade with me. Simple as that. Just sick of being messed around. :(.png?1947483986






Hello, my name is Bethany and I have been on Howrse for years, since the very beginning! I try to help out other players if I can, but please don't beg, make stupid offers on my horses or ask for free items. I have worked on my game for 5 years and a lot of time and real money has gone into making my game what it is today. No offence, but if you want things, you'll just have to work for it like I did. I got nothing free when I first started!


I have loads of references, just check my forum. If you don't go first (if you don't meet above requirements), then no deal. I am happy to hang onto my horses/items. I am in no rush. 

If we are trading and you reserve first, I will always put my horses/items up before I accept the trade. It is only fair.

My tabs got really messed up when my VIP account ran out and I don't have time to sort them back out. Therefore no idea what tabs the horses I have for sale are in...just check the sales. Sorry for being disorganised! 


Selling LOADS of bmi, including rare items. Full list in forum.

Diamond apple horses. PM me please! Also looking for rarer retired coats (300 uses and under). May take others so PM me what you have and I will take a look. Looking for pregnant (bred at right time) ga unis.

Horse training. Full bolding and blupping in 1 hour. Cheapest on Howrse. Approximately 40-50k, depending on the horse. Links available to past horses and training references available. Have trained 10,000+ skillers and rosette winners. I can train any breed and can do classical or western. I can add pretty much any bmi you want, but it will cost you equus/passes/horses. PM me to discuss. If wanted, every horse trained by me gets lyre 

Horses from years ago I trained:

Trained this horse for goldie2k8: http://www.howrse.com/elevage/fiche/?id=28560591 Bolded by 8yrs 5 months. 

I also trained this horse: http://www.howrse.com/elevage/fiche/?id=26093828

Both were trained months/years ago, so that is why their gp/skills are out of date!

Training is currently OPEN!

I will add lyre to any of your horses for 1000e. Reserve them for 500e and I will reserve back for 1500e. Check my forum for multiple trustworthy references.

If I buy a horse, please don't ask for it back. If I resell it, that is my choice, as it is my horse. If the horse is in the sales, you can buy it if you want it, just like everyone else can.          

Looking for pixel artists to make me some graphics. Please PM me.


 Kitten_Mittenz's PETITION Kitten_Mittenz's PETITION Kitten_Mittenz's PETITION


One of my horses in real life. x
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