It's been so long and I have no idea who anyone is anymore cuz of the username changes lol

Buying ZLBs and Black Orchids, please PM me how much you're looking for. I will go first in any trades if you have a long trustworthiness topic/high seniority/good ranking. I will not go first if you do not have any of these. 
When negotiating on a horse, do not send me offers that ask for huge amounts of equus off. I will give maybe 10 percent off at the most. You can offer BMIs or passes in place of equus.
At the moment, I am breeding unicorns and working on improving my general ranking.
Welcome to my page. Not sure what else to put here lol.
Private EC. This is an old layout and I don't really need this box anymore.
Mainly nothing in particular, you can PM me anything as long as it complies with howrse rules. If you have a question about anything involving the game, feel free to ask me; I've been here for awhile and have been involved with a lot of teams, so I know how pretty much everything works.
If you see a horse I own and you'd like to buy it, feel free to make an offer. I'm willing to sell almost anything except horses with sentimental value/above sales GP. Most horses I put up in sales are negotiable, but excessively low offers will be ignored. I do have a good idea on what horses are worth and price them accordingly. I don't mind lowering the price a little for a collector but I will not significantly lower the price on a horse so it can be flipped for profit.
At the moment I am breeding unicorns and working on improving my general ranking.