I buy any horse for a sensible price - PM me.

If a horse is NOT in the For Sale tab then it is NOT for sale. I will consider good offers on any horse except those in the My Favourites tab.


Stardust Arabians, quality Arabians every day.

At Stardust Stud we breed high quality Arabians every day. Our aim is breeding Arabian Unis. Our horses are loved and cared for. They will not be sold to any home that is likely to mistreat them at any age or stage in their life. They are not breeding or competition machines; but lovely horses that we take great pride in. Please PM 5India5 for more information. All of our horses will be sold to the right price and home.

I will buy any horses that are going to be sent to the safe haven. Just pop them in my reserved sales for 1000 equus (600 equus more than what the safe haven give) and I will buy them within a few days!!! If it says 2000 equus for going to the safe haven then I will pay 2000 equus! All horses will be found new and loving homes!

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You have stalked me on my page for minutes and seconds if you have been on here for over an hour you scare me.......

puprun.gifcopy and paste this dog on your page so he can run all over howrse!!!                        


6jqd6as.gif Put this on your page if you are against horse slaughter

They should make a Barbie with no hair, so every little girl fighting cancer can feel beautiful. Put her in pink, name her HOPE and send all proceeds from sales to a sick children's hospital . 

Post this if you agree, And I bet you 99% of you won't ♥

I still have my first horse and will never sell him. vsc6bq.gifPost this on your page if you do too