*I am selling some of my Golden Apple horses and unicorns. PM me if you're interested & include your offer!


About Me

I am a 15 year old girl who is crazy about horses! I have two male cats, Ceaser & Jasper and a female cat, Zoe. I also have two horses, a Paint mix and a Warmblood/Thoroughbred. My favorite breed is the Arabian, if you can tell by my avatar. My favorite color is blue. I love country music and some of other kinds. I love to read.                                                You can Pm me about anything! I don't mind.    *I accept all random friend requests, so please friend me!*                                             


BMI Buying/Selling

I am loking to sell these items:

  • Ploutos' Parchments
  • Croesus' Fortunes
  • Apollo's Lyres
  • Water of Youths
  • Philotes' Strokes
  • Piece of Clouds
  • Pandora's Boxes
  • Helios' Rays
If you are looking to buy any please PM me, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I am Always looking to buy these items:

  • Chronos' Timers
  •  Philosopher's  Stones
  • Morpheus' Arms
  • Nyx Packs
  • Hera Packs
  • Zeus' Lightning Bolts
  • Fertility Wands
  • Harmony Packs
  • Golden Apples
  • Horn of Plentys
  • Hermes' Winged Staff
  • Hypnos' Blankets
  • 5th Elements 
  • Bewitched Pumpkins
  • Titans Challenge
If you have any you are selling please PM me so we can work out a price. Thanks!!

My Sales

I usually have horses in auctions and direct sales so check it out! 

Most of my horses are for sale, but Calypso, Enchanted Dream, Gypsy Cloud, Gypsy Queen, Lifted Enchantment, Golden Fire, Pride & Joy, Grim Reaper, Mt. Bones, Athena, Ares, Black Beauty, Plutos Moon, Rose, Blue Mamba, Deja Vu, Shadowlight, Spotted Horn are not. Sorry!

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Answer Archimedes question correctly and get an aging point!


Stroke Xanthos and get 10 Energy points for your most recent born foal!

Xanthos 1, Xanthos 2, Xanthos 3, Xanthos 4, Xanthos 5

Xanthos.png Xanthos.png Xanthos.png Xanthos.png Xanthos.png

Congratulate Topaz to get 50 eq and possibly a diamond

Topaz 1, Topaz 2, Topaz 3, Topaz 4, Topaz 5


Defrost Frost and maybe get a Hypnos' Blanket!



2514807g2of6d1kux.gifPut this horse on your page if you still have your first horse!