About Me:
 Emily * 19 years old * Pursuing BA Psychology * Introvert

 6 years riding experience - Western and English

Music * Art * Reading * Old TV shows * Animals * Nature

 ** Please feel free to message me about anything **

My game: I no longer play 'competitively'. I log in for a few minutes every day to take care of my EC & do promos, or a bit of breeding. If I own a horse you bred and you want it back, feel free to message me. I'll usually sell it back cheap no matter what it's worth. If I have a horse you want, message me to ask- I'll probably agree to sell it. I'll buy any horse reserved for under 5000e, but I don't check often so message me to let me know. I passively work on my trophy collections- if you have anything you think I might not, feel free to offer it to me and I'll likely buy it. Don't worry about what my reserve says I have- there's plenty I can sell to get more equus when I need to.

My EC: All stalls have troughs and showers; access to other benefits temporarily removed (building up stock) My apologies for any inconvenience.

More: If you have any questions about me, the game, etc., or need help or just want to talk, feel free to shoot me a message!