AWOL again. RL got in the way


I have 60 passes and a heap of stuff on the UK version that I would like to trade for the equivalent over here. PM me :)

The Goddess Team (Australian Pony Unicorns) are buying HESTIA'S GIFTS for 4 passes. PM sunstarmoonstar

MAKE SURE YOU READ MY PAGE BEFORE SENDING ME ANY PMs. Also be aware I'm fairly useless at answering messages so if I don't reply just send it again! 374753e31a17a60d7e8143c80e91ea32.png?763359189374753e31a17a60d7e8143c80e91ea32.png?763359189

I am an adult player from the NE of England. Please take the time to fully read my page before contacting me.

I have two coloured tinker ponies (to you Americans thats mini Gypsy Vanners) - a red and white 2 year old gelding called Georgie and a 3 year old roan and white gelding called Teddy. These two furry friends and the fact that I work full time and that I'm backing Teddy meansthat I am forced to limit my time here.

I'm a manic collector of books (prefer fantasy but I'll read pretty much anything) and spend my free time either gaming or reading.

I don't usually reply to PM's unless I know the sender
I'm back breeding Lusitanos with the lovely Jaded team. The Jaded line can be traced back to the original Jaded foundation foals. Most lusitano lines descend from these.

Accept no imitations.

We have cookies.

Skiller geldings are available at 14 passes and come gelded at 2.6 years with a Nyx and Woy. PM to be put on the list. A 60e box is required.


I have started collecting Golden Apple coats as well as Retired GA coats. If you have one that I don't have and are selling for a reasonable price - let me know!

I maintain a 60e Classical Equestrian Center. It is home to my vast Greyfell collection, my Gemstone divine collection and is used by myself and occasionally a friend to skill when needed. Please respect my wish to keep it private and  don't waste time by asking me for a box, such requests will be ignored.

I am always looking for the following BMI's. For more information on how to sell these to me please click here. Price is PER item. I will take doubles!

nyx.png 4 passes (9 passes for 2) - not buying at this point in time

arms.png2 passes (or 5 passes for 2)
- not buying at this point in time

element.pngcitrouille-ensorcelee.png 3 passes (or 7 passes for 2)
- not buying at this point in time

hera.pngposi.pngharmpack.pngstonep.png100,000e (or 1 pass will buy 2 p. packs for 3 passes)
- not buying at this point in time
- not buying at this point in time
blood.pngapple.pngwand.pngtears.pngbolt.pnglunge.pngeau-jouvence.png?1819265302 55,000e
- not buying at this point in time
bridle.pngsaddle.png 40,000e 
- not buying at this point in time
shoes.png 25,000e
- not buying at this point in timegspurs.pngsouffle-eole.pngdaphnea-laurels.pngcloud.png 15,000e  each (only in twos) - not buying at this point in time
Please note I don't tolerate timewasters. My time is precious and if I've stayed online waiting for you to sort a trade out after agreeing to it then you change your mind, you will be blocked. I also block silly sales offers.


Offering skilling services - not at this point in time

Please follow these guidelines when getting in touch with me:

1. Do not send me messages saying "I have [random BM item] do you want?" followed by "offers????". It says on my page how much I will pay.

2. Don't ask me if I want to buy your horse (unless I state on THIS page that I want it). If I want to buy a horse I will look in the sales.

3. No covers. Ever. Requests will be ignored (occasionally I may respond with a polite no depending on time constraints). Repeat requests will be blocked. There is a good reason for this - most requests I get are for coverings from horses/ponies/unis that are above sales gp. This is against my breeding groups rules and I will not break it for anyone. Even for crosses.  

4. Gemstone and Greyfell divines cannot be sold (with the exception of Diamond which was sold a long time ago). My specials will never be for sale, they have both come from very dear friends and I couldn't part with them for the world.

5. If a horse is not listed as negotiable then it is pretty much as it says unless you have a very, very good offer. Please bear in mind that a pass is valued at around 90/100k equus so messages along the lines of "2500?????" will be ignored.

6. No silly offers please for horses for sale. Any of these will be ignored. If they persist, I will block and report you.

7. When offering items for trade in lieu of passes please bear in mind, that I've probably spent a small fortune on the horse or bringing the horse up to it's GP and I expect to at LEAST make a partial return on what I've put into it. If I don't reply to you then it means you've made an unsuitable offer. I work hard at what I do and I'm not going to give you something near enough to free because you don't want to work hard as well.  Don't send me the same mail twice.

8. If it is not in the sales then it is not for sale unless I have contacted you first. PMs regarding this will usually be ignored although occasionally I may be interested depending what it is (generally anything that isn't one of my RC collection or above sales GP). If I say no or don't respond and you persist, you will be blocked.

9. Don't pinch clumps of text from my presentation. This irritates me a lot as it means I have to waste time rewriting the "borrowed" piece of text and it's time I can't afford to waste.

10. Backing out of an arranged sale. Chances are I've raced around to accomodate for time differences. Sometimes this means skipping things such as spending quality time with my pony or getting up at/staying up to a stupid time in the morning. I block anyone who does this.

11. DO NOT send me any messages with your opinion on/whining about what my sales horses are worth. I have a better idea on how much my horses are worth thank you and it costs many passes to keep producing top gp horses. ANY PM OF THIS NATURE GETS YOU INSTANTLY BLOCKED.

12. Refuse an offer of a skiller foal that will make the top 10 because you want to resell it/want one or the day of the GP/whatever unreasonable excuse or anyway mess me around with a sale and you won't ever get offered another one. We cannot predict when we will next have a suitable foal available and it's stressful and a waste of time and passes to try and squash everyone in on GP day.

I'm sure this list will grow as I develop more pet peeves, I know it makes me sound mean and scary (which I'm not) but some of the pms I get are just.....well words fail me.