If you're here because I sent you here, read what's written below.
If you're here because you just found it, welcome to my Page of Frustration :)  There are a few useful bits of information below as well :)

Hi!  I'm an adult player, I mainly play to collect divines these days, and I waste far too much time on this game.

If you're making offers on horses I'm already selling - generally my exchange rate is 1 pass to 200k  equus on the very rare occasions when I'm prepared to take an equus offer, meaning that for every pass you wish me to take off the asking price, you need to add 200000 equus on.  This is not negotiable.  Sorry.  The pass to equus rate is based on the average price in sales of a 30 year old non immortal pass horse, and goes up if this base price rises.

And if I wasn't listing it as for sale?  Read on.

If some of the following sounds harsh, I apologise, but it has been written as an exasperated response to some ongoing issues and it's easier to only write this once!

If I'm not listing a horse as for sale, it is not for sale.  Sending me a message asking to buy it is an advertisement - a "want-to-buy" rather than "want-to-sell" advertisement.  On the top of the page where you sent the message it says this :

"You can send and receive private messages from other players using the private messages feature. Using this feature for advertising purposes is prohibited."

So not only have you just annoyed me by making an offer (usually a silly one) on a horse I'm not selling, you've just violated a rule that was directly under your nose.  And yes, I will report it.  This also applies to a random PM asking me to buy random horse X.  I get those too.

Also, like many players on this game, I get a lot of my passes and equus from buying horses from sales for equus and reselling them for passes or for more equus, sometimes after adding BM items to them.  I certainly do not check your profile to see if you have some moral objection to this. I will not resell them to you. The game is coded so I can't anyway, you can't buy back a horse you have sold for 10 days and I won't hold it for 10 days for you.  Nor will I sell it to your "friend" who is almost invariably an illegally created second account of yours made specifically to get around the game coding.  Nor will I buy back a horse you bought from me "by accident".  And if you harass me about it, you will also get reported, as harassment is also a violation of the game rules.  It was your choice to put that horse for public sale.  It was my choice to buy it and I am now free to do as I like with it - keep it, sell it, breed it, age it up for passes, send it to safe haven. I don't tell you how to play your game.  Please don't try to tell me what I can and can't do in my game.

All right, enough is enough.  If I get asked again "why" when I explain that no, I will not buy back the horse you bought from me/sell back to you the horse I bought from you, I simply will not answer.  If you didn't read my profile when I directed you here, and didn't read the game rules when you signed up, why should you be expected to read my message to you?

The "you" here is generic by the way.  But I seem to get one of them every week.  The most honest answer to "why won't you <insert your own problem here>" would simply be this.

"I am not your mother.  Therefore it is not my responsibility to protect you from the consequences of your actions until you are old enough to protect yourself"

But if I answered people this way, would that register either?

Ho hum.

Got that?  Good.  Hope you're having a good time on the game.  Do check out the forums and the game help, they answer a lot of the obvious questions.  If you're still having trouble with something I will try to answer if you mail me the question, but it may take a while to get back to you.  I'm not as grumpy as this makes me sound, but nor am I a saint, and there are players on this game who would make a bishop want to put his foot through a stained glass window :)

Happy Howrsing!

How to get passes for the financially challenged

1) Age up pass horses (I have 100 geriatrics on the go at any one time, they're a good farm for aging points) - 10-30 passes a month if you age up one a day. Sell some of these pass horses (aged 30) for cash (between 100k and 140k each) to buy (2)...

2) Horses with Nyx packs on them and Gold apples sell for between 70000 and 130000 in the sales. Resell them for 500e and one pass each. You will also find that....

3) You get one pass a month from your equus reserve. Look on the Profile - My Passes page for the link.