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About Me
Hello everyone! I am an adult so please children, have a parent's permission before contacting me.
I'm usually in a talkative mood, so feel free to PM me! I live in Michigan and yeh I am now in sunny Arizona. I love a bunch of different shows such as GoT, The 100, FTWD, Orphan Black, most of the DC universe shows on CW (Supergirl, LoT, and Arrow), Riverdale, and many more. My favorite genre of music is EDM, particularly more melodic songs however, I love King Princess and Billie Eilish at the moment.

I have four kitties named Kyla, Salem, Beany, and Peanut. Kyla is pictured below, she is my actual child.

My awesome cat Kayla!

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Don't let my seniority deceive you! I've been here over 10 years.

UPDATE! I got a Tianma on 8-8-14
ANOTHER UPDATE! I bought Shenma from Ow for 5 passes.
Buying Black Orchids & Fertility Wands. 
I buy any horse for 500-1500e. Just reserve and PM me!
Unless one of my RCs/DAs are in the sales, it is NOT for sale so please don't offer for them. Thank you!

Adulting sucks...that is all~

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IIam always looking for BMI, especially F Wands, and M Arms. Please message me if you have a few to sell!


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RC CoatLooking for this RC. PM me with a price!