WELCOME TO MY PAGE!!!! Hi I'm EgyptianArabian but you can

Egypt for short. DO NOT COPY MY AVATAR!!! Some of my Avatars are

MY OWN WORK!!!! Please feel free to check out my page!!

I accept all friend requests!!

Feel Free to Stroke Xanthos, Defrost Frost, and give my horses Apples.

If it's NOT in the sales then it's NOT for sale; ESPECIALLY my Divines,

Colored Friesians, and Rosette Skillers. You can give them apples if you

wish but don't ask if I'm willing to sell them because the answer is NO!!!


I'm 25 years old (Adult Player) Younger players please ask

parents permission before messaging me. ^-^

I've been a happy Howrse player for 7 years!!!

I'm happily married to my now Husband Rihyaruto<3

I love Coffee, Mtn Dew, and Yogi tea.

I am an Anime lover my favorites being Naruto, Black Butler, and

Death Note.

I ride Western and English.

I'm a proud owner of several horses :3

I do play videogames. For example, Skyrim, Fall Out, and Assassins


I'm American......That's all you need to know

Where do I live?.......I live in nunya meaning nunya business

Who am I ?......who wants to know?

I just want to say Thank You to everyone who congratulated me and

gave my Carnivorous apples. There are no words to describe how

grateful I am. I will do my best to congratulate back. <3<3<3

I'm a respectful Howrse player and I'm here to have fun in my spare

time. I may be a popular player but I'm not here to be #1 I'm here to

have fun, make new friends, and breed horses. I've been on Howrse

longer than my Seniority suggests so don't play me for a fool. Yes I

purchase passes and have a lot of horses but I'm not interested in

the race for the popularity ranking. Its just a game.....not a

competition. I'd rather sit back, relax, take care of my howrses,

chat with my howrse friends, and sip a hot cup of coffee.

' I'm so excited, I just can't hide it.'


'Oh yeah look at me I'm Gorgeous'.



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