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Updated: 10/10/21


I always have a lot of horses for sale, so please check out my for sale breeding farm and tab. I'm always happy to negotiate and strike a deal :3

Also, I'm more than happy to age horses up for you for a little extra on the original price, so let me know if that's something you'd be interested in.

I will consider all offers but I DO NOT do horse trades, so please don't ask.

Bulk Buys

I do offer bulk buys when selling my horses. 
In my for sales tab, you will see different tabs with a price on. Depending on how many you buy I can offer a discount.
If blind bulk buying then you will get different prices for each tab and I wont mix tabs, i.e. you can only blind bulk buy from my 3700e range at once, you cannot mix in horses from the 3400e tab, or the 4200e tab etc etc. You will be given separate discounts for each tab.

However, if you're picking horses out individually, you are more than welcome to mix tabs and I will calculate an individual discount.

This is to say, I do not accept ridiculously low prices! I will not sell horses worth 4900e for 3000e, so don't ask. I always sell at the lowest end of the market, so with an added discount you'll be guaranteed a good deal.

About Me

Heya I'm Dais! I'm an adult player and have had this account for many years. I've not long completed my Equine Studies degree at university, so I'm online much more often now. 
I'm laid back and friendly, and I'm just a casual player, so feel free to PM me with any questions or inquiries about the game, my sales or my account, and I'll be happy to help you out!


Struggling to find companions for trophies? Hades's page has links to all of them (true of 31/07/2021)


Thanks for reading!

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