Hello and welcome to my page!! %3AD_v1828806360.png 

Please read this before PMing me, these are my rules:

1. No I will not sell you my skiller or RC or [insert other valuable horse here] for less than 500 equus, it's not possible to sell a horse for less than that and believe it or not i get a lot of PMs asking this so I am asking that you  do not waste my time by making offers that aren't even possible.
2. No I will not sell you my skiller or RC or [insert other valuable horse here] for 1000 equus, 2000equus, etc.when i'm asking multiple passes for it or something like 300,000 equus for it. We all know the horse is worth a lot more than what you're offering or I wouldn't be selling it for the price I am to begin with and I don't appreciate having my time wasted or having people trying to scam me.
3. No I will not give you free things. I worked hard to get my game where it is today and if you want a good game then you need to work for it too just like everybody else.

*If you PM me anything listed in those 3 rules above I will just block you, no exceptions*

4. I do not do horse or BM item trades on horses listed as negotiable. Firstly because it is against Howrse rules and secondly because there are too many people out there looking to scam someone, so if you make an offer on my horse please only offer equus and passes.
5. If a horse isn't listed in the sales it is not for sale, please don't PM me asking if you can buy my retired coats. This goes for all other horses too, but my RC's are the biggest issue. Some people have asked politely as fellow collectors and I understand as some coats are hard to find and some collectors sell their coats, but I have also gotten some not so nice requests for my collection so to simplify things I'm making it clear here that if it's not listed in the sales then it is not for sale.

I really wanted to try and avoid putting rules on my page, as I am actually a very friendly person, but the amount of PM's i get on the topics listed above are getting ridiculous and this seemed like the best way to deal with the problem. 

So now that that's out of the way, you can always PM me questions about the game, I am always happy to help out :D_v1828806360.png I'm not much of a chatter though as i get busy and distracted by other things so it usually takes me a few days to reply to PM's in a conversation (lol)_v1828806360.png but you can still PM me if you'd like to talk, just know it might be awhile before i reply :p_v1828806360.png and that's all for now i suppose (lol)_v1828806360.png Thanks for reading and have a nice day!! :-))_v1828806360.png(h)_v1828806360.png