Update November 2015: This profile hasn't been updated in over three years, but after taking a break I've slowly taken up 
                         interest in this game again. 

                       - Currently aiming to build up my EC again, and skilling up horses for fun
                       - Always accepting friend requests if anyone needs help in promotions etc.

     Old presentation has been left up below, just for kicks.

About Me

Not much to put here. I have played Howrse before, on a different account in 2007 but it got deleted due to inactivity. But I'm back. So yay!

My Game

I don't really focus on much in my game - but I've given pretty much everything a go. When I first started, I bred Arabians then I joined a Friesian Breeding Group. Wasn't a good idea considering I didn't know how to BLUP. Then I tried breeding Unicorns, didn't work out either as I didn't have enough aging points. Then I did graphics, learnt to make manips, pixel avatars and layouts. Went pretty well until I didn't have enough time nor the motivation to make them anymore. Then I actually learnt how to skill and BLUP but the GP is tiring and impossible to keep up with. Annnnnd now...

I just play for fun. I'm breeding Top GP RDH Unis with Fhebral and Aysel, mostly.


Black Market Item trading

Yes, I buy and sell. I don't keep this updated as my inventory changes too quickly.

My Divines

I own a few Divines. Mostly got them in Horn of Plenties. They are not for sale - I can not sell any of them, even if I wanted to. You can see them in "The Divinely Wild" Tab. 

There's Jade, Pearl, 3 Greyfells and 1 Spanish Mustang there; I believe.


Not much to put here but if you find that one of my horses constantly beats yours when you are BLUPing, just PM me and I'll watch out for it next time I comp my horses. Note on this: I BLANKET competitions, I have NEVER stomped any horse. Blanketing and Stomping are two very different things.


04/01/12  Whoo! Treasure Chest - third Greyfell... guess where? ❤ My Foundies ❤ tab.

25/12/11 Merry Christmas! Thank you Howrse for the diamond card in the instant sales - got a second Greyfell, also in ❤ My Foundies ❤ tab.

16/12/11 Hello my darling little Greyfell, welcome to ❤ My Foundies ❤ tab - got lucky in the instant sales with a diamond card.

30/11/11 Welcome to my second divine: Pearl!!! He is also in ❤ My Foundies ❤ tab - got him in the second Horn of Plenty that I tried!

27/11/11 Welcome to my first divine ever: Jade!!! He's in ❤ My Foundies ❤ tab - got him in the first Horn of Plenty that I tried!

As of 16/11/2011 I have finally bred my first unicorn! (with a tiny bit of help from a hestia's gift... not that anyone needs to know that... xD )

Currently trying to breed unicorns! Uni Count ~ Unicorns: 2 Uni-Fails: 11 

Below are some random banner that I was required to post on my page. Except for the Epilepsy Banner, I support that.

bowsmall.png Support Epilepsy Awareness!!! Go to Fhebral's forum for more details!



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