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January 19 2016 I ranked 59 in popularity!!
January 30 2016 I ranked 31 in popularity :D_v1828806360.png

Adult player from Norway. I have bipolar disorder and suffer from severe anxiety. Bipolar disorder is a mixture of depression, manic episodes and mixed episodes if you didn't know and where woundering lol. My days are mostly spent around horses and I love it! I have my very own precious Swedish warmblood mare and I am a barefoot trimmer. At our barn we have mostly harness racers in training. I am at the moment breaking in a gorgeous three year old Norwegian warmblood and I have just started groundwork with his baby sister:D_v1828806360.png

Feel free to message me about any of the topics above or whatever else you like I love to chat. I also accept random friend requests. 
Happy howrseing :D_v1828806360.png


The love of my life Lambada Dance (l)_v1828806360.png