Thanks to everyone who helped me get Insomnia up and running. It was my dream to become the #1 shagya team and we did it. I will always be greatful to have been the original founder.

Good luck to everyone continuing.dST4Gp.jpg

IM LEAVING HOWRSE! thank you for all your help in the past who knows how many years I think 5? I have gone so far in this game but it's time I farewell it as it is not benefitting me. I have school, part time job and a young horse to train.

The #2 Shagya Arabian Team


If a horse is negotiable, please offer REASONABLY! Stop messaging me ridiculous offers.
If your applying for insomnia, PLEASE commit. Don't let me go through the hassle of organizing references and trials for 2 weeks and then say your quitting.

If your going to message me, follow Howrse rules. I will NOT trade. Do not advertise in my inbox and please, be polite. This is a game. I am sick of rude people trying to rip me off.

Insomnia has been a long time goal of mine. I am willing to do my all to continue to progress through the rankings. I will use my very last resource if I have to and spend late nights blupping. It is a special team to me and I have and will continue to prioritize that. Therefore I am not looking to join any other teams right now. If your interested in joining, we accept all serious inquiries. Please visit my forum for more information and an application forum.

323 visits! 5th in popularity. Thank you for helping me get there. ~29.06.16