I have applied to be an Ambassador.  As we were so limited in our presentations, I thought I'd be a little more specific here.

Comps - Need drastic changes.  I feel the skill level range is far too broad.  Those who have lower-skilled horses have no chance against skillors being raised up.  For instance, the skill range in barrels is over 3900 points.  In my opinion, the range should be under 1000.

Sales - With the addition of more and more bonus items, keeping the sale price of horses to 20 passes/1million eq has long been an undervalue.  Those selling skillors are not even breaking even on a finished skillor.  By raising sale prices we can also help those collectors who have rare, valuable coats/landscapes to sell.

Breeds and Grand Prix - This is one of my biggest complaints.  By limiting the breeds who can place in any given Prix event, Howrse has significantly reduced the value of all other breeds on the game.  We currently have 10 breeds that have a chance to win any Prix event.  This gives these breed teams an automatic advantage when selling horses.  I do not want to eliminate those breeds from contention but I do feel the Prix rules can be changed - as the EC boosters were - to allow many other breeds to be competitive, boosting their sale value.  Further, I believe the EC booster change did not go far enough.  Every breed should be able to be used for this purpose and it could easily be accomplished by some simple changes to the rules.

I don't want to make this too long so I'll stop for now but this gives you a general idea of some priorities of mine.  I also firmly, FIRMLY believe that changes to this game should not be made that drastically alter already existing games.  We have seen breeds made completely useless in the Prix, after teams/individuals have invested thousands of real dollars.  We have seen large groups of players have their games totally disrupted by unnecessary changes - 0 GP to site one example.  I will/would definitely fight with all my powers of persuasion to prevent things like that from happening again.

Passes - I state in almost every survey for promos that Howrse needs to consider non-pass buyers when designing promos.  While I am a pass buyer, I strongly believe we need to have at least a couple promos per year that can be won on strategy alone.  Not equus, not passes.  This is not asking Howrse to give away a pixel character for free - this is asking Howrse to reward a successful, winning strategy.  And the prizes should be real prizes - not a "Divine" that cannot complete nor give any bonus, ie Blitzen.  Further, I strongly feel pass prices should be lowered by half.  Every successful business understands the value of volume selling.