As you walk up the path to this small farm, you notice several horses of different breeds grazing in the pasture, as though the owner of the farm can't decide which breed she wants to focus on. You approach the pasture to pat the horses and notice a small sign by the gate:


Welcome to the Pasture

Admission Fees:

For some people: Five carrots

For the rest of you: An additional carrot

Any and all payment should be given to us upon entering the pasture. Failure to do so will result in possible injuries and ejection from the premises. We would also appreciate if you did not feed the human. We keep her inside the house for good reason. Thank you!

- The Horses



I've been playing Howrse for a little while now, and am enjoying myself very much. I don't play super competitively, but I enjoy playing all the same. My horses, as you can probably tell, are nothing much to look at.

In real life, I enjoy playing The Legend of Zelda, writing, playing clarinet, origami, and watercolor painting. I also love to read, and my favorite books will always be the Harry Potter series. I adore any creature with 1-5 legs, and currently share my house with my family and a little kitty-shaped package of chaos whom we call Max.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by my page. Hope you have a nice day!