About Me
I am a 21 year old female who has been on this game for 10 years off and on. I am an avid writer and I enjoy coding and doing many different things. I am a momma as of April 2nd to a gorgeous baby girl. I hope someday I can bring her on here and have her appreciate this game as much as I did as a kid. Since I am an adult however, if you are under 16 please get permission to message me from your parents before you do. I would greatly appreciate that. Otherwise feel free to message me at any time!
My Game
I am majorly a breeder of Thoroughbreds. I am currently working on creating my own sort of team eventually, however I would need a VIP creator of the team. I want to improve on my BLUPs and hopefully create some of the top horses that I possibly can, even if it is a part of the top 100. 
I will be active more lately. 
Shout Outs
I have learned some of the most wonderful coding from Grand Duchess. They are the most wonderful coding teacher and they deserve so much praise. Please, go congratulate them for their wonderful work!

One of my closest friends, RedwillowS has been one of the best people I have met here. Please congratulate her as well, she deserves more than the world!
Some extra interests.
I am also on the lookout for a graphics team. I am not perfect at doing the coding of layouts but I am pretty decent at working with photos and text so I would love to join a team and work on creating avatars or even layout backgrounds to help! Please contact me if you would like to have me join?

• Get VIP account (completed 6/20/21)
• Create a Thoroughbred team (completed 6/20/21)
• Create a coat for golden apple
• Become efficient at bluping
• Get a Capricorn Divine