About My Game 

Right now I am currently breeding Connemaras.If you have any and looking to sell it please pm me I can use them as Fillers and AP farmers !! ALL STALLIONS ARE OFFERING COVERINGS for 500e each besides connemaras.

**I DO NOT sell horses unless they are in the sales.Which is rare.unless I have gotten a pregnant mare and do not like the foal it will then be sold for its going rate depending on its gender/breed/and color.I earn my stuff on this game and don't pay real money for it as its a waste.I've spent way to much for it to not be appreciated.IM THRU.Do not beg me to help you or give you my passes as I have earned them!! I earned them the "easy" way and so can you!! Thanks have a great day.**

  • Stroke 5 Xanthos a day for a chance to win a HOP.
  • Stroke a Frost for a chance to wins a Hypnos blanket which you can sell or put on your horse to avoid paying EC board.
  • Stroke 5 Topaz for 50e or a chance to win a Diamond
  • Answer a Question from Archimedes for a Free AP if you get it correct
  • Kill 10 horses NON-immortal over 30yrs old each month (every 30 days) for 10 passes
  • Convert droppings over to manure for your crops or to sell!

That's some tips! AP farm every day to earn more equus do lessons and feed in the meadows.